Over the past decade, I have worked with individuals, established nonprofits and new business ventures in London, Sierra Leone and Los Angeles.

A few are listed below, my full resume can be found here


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LA Counts

LA Counts is L.A. County’s first community open-data platform providing access to over 2,000 data sets, as well as relevant stories about data and social change in the region. The project was started and developed by the California Community Foundation. As project manager and first full-time employee of the project, I worked with our partners to grow the project from an innovative concept to a working website ready for testing.


Chrysalis is a nonprofit and social enterprise dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment.
As a consultant, I collected, synthesized and analyzed internal qualitative data for the organization's strategic planning process, and for a separate project with a nonprofit organization based in Skid Row.

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FEAST (formerly groceryships)

Feast is an LA-based organization offering food education classes that include access to healthy foods and multifaceted support to its participants. In 2018, I carried out an analysis of their 2017 results, drawing insight from hundreds of surveys to identify key metrics of success. Based on this work, I reviewed and redesigned the organization's impact surveys to maximize impact evaluation and facilitate data collection. 


Ashoka - globalizer

Ashoka's Globalizer is a unique program designed to link social-change initiatives ready for a global scale to the financial, strategic and intellectual support they require to go global. A part of a team of expert advisers and mentors, I helped innovative educational non-profits develop a 5-year plan to scale their impact internationally.

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Bounce back

Bounce Back is a social enterprise working with ex-offenders in London, training them in painting and decorating and providing them with support to become self-employed. As part of their first social return on investment study, I conducted in-depth interviews with key stakeholders including ex-offenders, contractors and public service workers and developed the organization's theory of change model. Based on that work, I also made strategic recommendations to develop an ongoing system to measure social impact.



Bottletop is a luxury fashion brand producing sustainable designs using recycled materials and empowering local artisans in Brazil and around the world. It donates 20% of profits to its foundation working with young people. As part of a team of consultants, I conducted primary and secondary research into the social impact of the company, and drafted a comprehensive social impact review, outlining key outputs and suggested improvements.

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Reading the riots - guardian media

Reading the Riots is a groundbreaking research and reporting project led by the Guardian and London School of Economics. It investigated the causes and effects of the English riots of August 2011, mixing academic and journalistic methods of research. As a member of the research team, I conducted in-depth interviews and group discussions with individuals who took part in the riots and identified potential interviewees using local community contacts in a sensitive and time-pressured environment. I contributed to the published final report and presented research findings at a national conference in London.


Jsdp - sierra leone

The Justice Sector Development Programme is an initiative funded by the British Council implementing justice reforms in Sierra Leone. While living in Freetown, I designed and delivered a research project on improving access to justice for victims of sexual and gender-based violence, focusing on the role of local nonprofits. This included workshop facilitation in locations upcountry, interviews with high-profile stakeholders including judges, police and medical officers, as well as designing and running a legal training course for local organizations.